Why us?

What is sport and its significance in the life the upbringing

Sport has a huge influence on a child’s development and personal growth. Let us consider more specifically what role sports schools play in raising children.

Firstly, sport training helps to develop overall physical state. In addition, it helps to develop new motor skills, endurance and flexibility. Children’s sports schools help in establishing new relationships. Sports fraternity, friendship, cooperation, communication within the team and with rivals contributes to the active socialization of children. It also includes character building, support from peers and respect for opponents, regardless of their level.

Sport contributes to the development of adequate self-esteem and self-respect in children. In our sports school, every child has the opportunity to participate in competitions of various levels, both city and federal and international. When children see their results and development, their self-esteem increases. This motivates them to new achievements, instills self-confidence.

Sports training helps to unload emotionally, expend accumulated energy. Children who play sports do not behave aggressively at school. They can reckon their abilities, control emotions.