Mike Tyson

Future boxing legend Mike Tyson was born in New York in 1966. The boy never knew his father, his family consisted of his mother, brother and sister. 

Michael was a difficult child, so as a teenager he ended up in a children’s colony. The famous sportsmen Mohammed Ali came to talk with young offenders in this place. After talking with him, Mike thought about a sports career.

Over time, Mike was sent to a school for young offenders, where he met his gym teacher Bobby Stewart. He had been boxing before, so he began to train Tyson for his promise to study well. Later, Steward introduced the diligent guy to Cus D’Amato, who became Tyson’s first coach. So that is how the successful future of the boxer began.


Vadim Bindler

Vadim Bindler is Honored Master of Sports in acrobatics, multiple champion of the USSR and Europe, absolute world champion. 

His main achievement in acrobatics is the triple flip on the track; he was the first person in the world to perform this element.

Vadim was born and raised in Minsk in a family of sportsmen. His father-swordsman brought 9-year-old Vadim and his sister to the Palace of Pioneers, where there was a section of acrobatics. 

Bindler was not interested in fame and did not aspire to become a leader. He became a champion thanks to his perseverance and talented coach. The boy spent all his free time in the gym, he studied 2 times a day before school and after, 35-36 hours a week.

Already at the age of 14, Bindler began to develop a triple somersault, which will make him a champion in the future. Although Vadim was already the champion of the Union among youths, the implementation of the triple site opened up more opportunities for him. Bindler was invited to the national team of the country and he even began sometimes to go abroad, which many athletes dreamed of. Moreover, having become a professional athlete, Bindler began to receive a salary (it was called a scholarship) of 250 rubles, which at that time was a lot of money.

Love for what you do, perseverance and constant practice leads to success.