Dance is the oldest of the arts that was used to convey their joy or sorrow to other people through their body. Now, dance is rhythmic, expressive body movements, performed with musical accompaniment. Everyone knows the phrase “Life is movement,” and dance is movement. In Fenyx, this phrase sounds like this: “Dance is life.”

Why you should choose the dance section:

Dance is a way of life for our dance coaches. They believe dance is a cure for depression. Cheerful music and energetic movements cheer a person up quickly, so in this section children will always smile. In addition, dances will help develop:

  • Musical ear,
  •  Improve coordination and sense of the body in space,
  • Different types of memory,
  • Physical training,
  •  Fantasy and extraordinary thinking,
  • Sociability and liberation.

The child develops physically, emotionally and socially in our dance section. In the classroom, a dance coach will always help children to blend into the team and overcome shyness.