Boxing is an Olympic contact sport (martial arts) in which athletes strike only with their fists and only with special gloves.

Our boxing trainers know that boxing is not about fighting, but about the vision of the world. Children will learn to be persistent, learn self-control and how to overcome difficulties during our boxing training.

Why you should choose the boxing section:

Boxing is a sport that helps develop lots of positive qualities. Boxing helps to get out aggression and be restrained, and also develops the ability to make balanced decisions. Fenyx’s trainers will teach children:

  •  respect the opponent, gain victories and defeats with dignity,
  •  concentrate on your strengths and capabilities,
  •  think creatively rather than stereotypically.

Yes, all this can be achieved through boxing, because for us boxing is a competition of intellectuals. The main battles are won not by force, but by head. Boxing will help children feel more confident in society, since boxing develops the speed of thinking, teaches them to think many moves ahead. Thanks to boxing, children will be successful not only in social, but also in personal life.