Sports acrobatics is a kind of sport, a competition in the performance of acrobatic exercises connected with maintaining balance (balancing) and body rotation with and without support. Adults and children admire the mesmerizing stunts performed by sports acrobats.

Our trainers will help children to be everyone’s admiration thanks to the tricks they learn in the section. Acrobatics will make young athletes dexterous and flexible.

Acrobatics trainers will help to form a strong core, pull the entire body, and eliminate spinal curvatures. In our classes, children develop physical abilities, which makes it possible to feel at their best in comparison with other children.

Acrobatics are great for developing:

  • flexibility;
  •  agility;
  • courage;
  • coordination;
  •  the ability to control your body;
  • vestibular apparatus;
  • restraint, correct direction of energy.

This section is an excellent replacement for computer games. Children get adrenaline and joy from victories.