About us


Fenyx Group Foundation work for promoting children’s personal growth. We are confident that sports and development are the foundation of life and Phoenix exists to lay this foundation in children who need it.


We believe that sport has a huge influence on a child’s development and personal growth. That’s why our goal is to create a new sports family for the kids,who need it. At Fenyx Group sections children will find new friends and learn how to work as a team, how to control emotions, and finally they will feel safe. 


In our sports school, every child has the opportunity to participate in competitions of various levels. We have three different sections. Boxing is for the kids, who need to feel more confident in society and to think many moves ahead. Dancing section is for children, who want to overcome shyness and learn to be a part of a team. Acrobatics is for those, who need to develop physical abilities and want to have correct posture. We give kids an opportunity to have a better life in future. 

Our Team

Our team are people, who can’t live without sports. Fexyx trainers’ goal is to share their long experience in sports and help the child find himself and the occupation that they like. Trainers know that every child is unique and they become not only excellent mentors, but also friends for children. 


We have three sections for children of different ages. All training is starting mainly in the evening. So, children won’t be distracted from school by sport training. Choose a section, which fits you the most and see the schedule to organize your day. 

Partner With Us

If you care about orphans as we do, join Fenyx Group and let’s provide a bright future for children through sports.